Monday, January 9, 2012

Coachella 2012 Watch!!!!



At the Drive In
Childish Gambino
Martin Solveig

Friday, July 22, 2011

Star Wars Xbox sooo legit

R2D2 xbox unit, that makes R2 noises. UGH!

Gotta love H and M

Got this shirt for 14 after tax from H&M.

A similar shirt from any other store would be at least $25 so I'm pretty content with my most recent buy!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Captain America - The First Man to Use A Shield of Vibranium for a Boomerang.

I got to see a screening for Captain America - The First Avenger Wednesday night and I was thoroughly impressed and thrilled on how C.A. turned out.

Using Chris Evans for C.A. bothered me when it was first announced, a guy who's played in MULTIPLE comic-book movies, Scott Pilgrim, the Losers, Fantastic Four, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.... using him for another comic book movie, just didn't excite me, especially on a character that's one of my favorites. But he played the role of Steve Rogers quite well, heroic, patriotic, and embodied the spirit of C.A. quite well.

I enjoyed the fact they used C.A. as propaganda in the movie, in real life Captain America was first released in the 40's and was an extremely popular comic/character of the time.

Captain America had many roles in the movie and I'm glad they took an extremely realistic approach, and showed various sides of the Capt.

The action scenes (while I was hoping for more) we're definitely action-packed and they did quite well on catching the time-era of the World War 2 1940's. I was really impressed by Tommy Lee Jones, he seems to nail every role he's ever given and he was cracking me up the whole time.

Before seeing it some things you may want to know:

Howard Stark -

Most of you are acquainted to the last name Stark by now due to 2 previous block busters featuring a certain man in an Iron suit, but many may not have realized (not likely but possible) that they didn't realize Howard Stark is Tony Stark's dad.

Howard Stark played one of the most crucial roles in this film and in Captain America and there were a few bridges from Iron Man 2 and this movie, pay attention for them.

Hydra -

A terrorist organization that's goal is global domination. Their slogan/motto is "if a head is cut off, two more will take its place"

Funded by wealth from WWII the group has a long lasting role in many of Marvel's series.

Vibranium -

The rarest of metal that's extremely light and strongest metal known to man, it also completely reflects vibrations. It's mostly commonly known in the Marvel Universe because of Captain America, his shield is made of it. However, it's known in the universe that this metal comes from a fictional country called, Wakanda. A country that is located in Northeast Africa and in the Marvel universe is home to the Black Panther and other heroes have tie-ins, such as Captain America and Storm. I highly watching the new cartoon series The Black Panther, pretty action packed and well done.

Cosmic Cube -

If you waited til the end of Thor, you got to see a glimpse of this, and it's current time location. The cube has essentially various roles, abilities, etc. The owner and controller is able to turn wishes into reality, has imminent power and is essentially an energy generator. The controller of the cube is said to "wield the power of the gods" and a multitude of villains from the Marvel universe have held it or controlled it at one time.

Ultimately, Captain America was a good movie, and I'd give it 3.5/4 stars out of 5 stars. In terms of Comic Book movies, I'd give it a 5 out of 5. I'd also stay til the end for an Easter egg ;)

Monday, July 18, 2011

It's COMIC-CON TIME! too bad i'm not going this year =*(

Super bummed I'm not going this year, the exclusive list is BANGING!

Probably one of the coolest exclusives that I've seen....

the GI Joe Transformer mash up. Comes with a "GI Joe Skystrike" w/ a Cobra Commander.

The Skystrike is really Starscream and the gun Cobra Commander has is the Megatron gun.

Here is the Back to the Future exclusive, it's the crate Doc took back in time, and then inside is a hot wheel of the Delorean.

And well.. this... doesn't need it's own explanation...

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tis the season, to shop bitch!

This year I think I found pretty creative gifts for x-mas so i'm stoked for it. This year unlike any other year, I totally bargain hunted online, I scored some sweet deals. From buying my Submission Effects Gi for $60 including shipping or I went to and they have a 25% off for orders over $60 and free shipping and I got an extra % off using rep code: brittanybaby worked out pretty well.

But in the past few years a common trend for me is buying my own x-mas presents, so this year, this is what I'm going to pick up.

Spartan Gi! Looks pretty sick, and they seem pretty high quality =D

M. BISON! Nuff said.

Cami mmmmmm.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Me and Brian at COMIC-CON!


WOW! Not sure where to start, got inside the expo hall at roughly 10:30am and insanity ensued.

I started on the far right of the hall (facing from the entrances) where the numbers were in the 100's. The expo hall starts from 0 and goes to around the 5000's...

I got tons of free Merch, some highlights would be:
Starer Deck and a thumb drive from Magic the Gathering Booth
A sweet looking T-shirt from the Zombie Defense Network Booth ( you had to sign into Gowalla to get the shirt)
A bunch of comics from the DC Booth
A sweet T-shirt from the Vindictus booth (actually landed 2 of them due to the fact I was trying to get tickets to win a spirit hood) Vindictus Spirit Hood... *sigh*

I went to the Namco booth and got a comic for a game coming out, called Enslaved, got Dragon Ball Z trading cards, a T-shirt (Xl way too big anyone want it??!?!) and I got a super, special, select ticket which I was able to return at a later time and exchange that ticket for a sweeeeeeeeet pacman lanyard, I'll post pic later of it.
At the DC Universe booth I had to play the game and I got a DC Universe lanyard too, not bad.
From a random grab bag when I was waiting to play Vindictus I got a pillow case that said, something to lines of , don't worry we'll actually sleep with you... hahaha

Bought items:
I bought the tron lightcycle, $5 figure that is probably the coolest thing you could buy for $5.
I bought the Tokidoki shirt that has all the Marvel characters on them, for $30, most expensive thing I bought at Comic-Con.

Lastly... I bought a Darth Vader backpack for $20. Such a sweet buy, can't go wrong with it. I took it to Disneyland last night and no joke got 13 compliments, so awesome.

Went to the Avengers cartoon panel and it wasn't that bad, I wish they would have made Iron Man a little more douchey like he is supposed to be but it's a cartoon and for kids. The whole reason I stayed in the panel is because of the Adult Swim panel that happened right afterwards. Remember sacrifice your time and go to a less crowded panel before the panel you want to go to because they do not clear out the halls after panels. I then left the Adult Swim panel and got a bathroom pass to go to a Spirit Hood giveaway and then returned to the hall for Q&A session w/ the Aqua Teen Hunger Force guys, Tim and Eric and other Adult Swim guys. I asked Eric about upcoming Major Lazer music video and his response was, "it's gonna be wwwhhhhaaaaacccckkkkk brah" hahaha good times.

It was amazing and I will definitely going back next year!

A real, fully functioning R2 Droid!


One of the Mechs in Iron Man 2!

Mark I

Mark III

Best Costume/Look a like combo